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Toolkit for creating a Digital Vision

Regardless of if you are a bank, retailer, restaurateur or government, providing your customers with access to online, self-service, available 24x7, is now a normal and often expected part of modern life. If you have watched some of my other videos on digital business transformation, or considered the business case detailed within my blogs, we are hopefully agreed on the fact that an essential component of your business strategy is a vision of how you will take best advantage of the incredible opportunities digital customer engagement channels provide.

So how do you now go about creating and publishing your digital vision for the business so that you can share your ambitions with others?

Firstly, outline your vision as to what the organisation will look like in 5 years’ time. For example, such visions commonly include:

  • Improved, automated customer service, available 24/7
  • More effective delivery of services off-site and in the customer’s home
  • Allowing staff more flexible working, often liberating office space
  • Increased customer engagement and participation
  • The ability to reach and attract a wider range of customers
  • Reducing communication costs, becoming ‘greener’, reducing paper and postage
  • Significant reductions in the operational cost of providing repairs
  • Managing online the entire end-to-end sales and application process
  • Automating the lettings process and increasing private rentals
  • Maximising revenue collection - reducing voids, collect service charges and selling additional services
  • Accurate, available and secure data that provides improved, real-time business intelligence
  • Demonstrable data security, with a full audit trail of activities

At this stage the vision does not need to be specific as to exactly what targets are to be achieved, but consider how you might achieve your ambition by:

  • Prioritising activities, focusing on those that you believe provide maximum benefit to the business and customers
  • Ensuring digital channels are attractive and easy to use, so becoming many customer’s first choice for communicating with you
  • Thinking of how you will market and promote your online self-service, so maximising awareness - No matter how good digital services are, customers need to know they are there to be able to use them
  • Considering how you will support staff to embrace new working methods - Never forget that cultural change is critical to the successful introduction of digital services
  • Consider what the social value may be to your customers and their communities and how you might be able to measure it
  • Importantly, how will you fund the implementation of your vision - guidance for which you will find within the Resources section of our website under ‘The business case for moving services online’

In order to develop your vision, you will need to:

  • Relate it to the core objectives within the Corporate Plan
  • Understand how you want to deliver your services
  • Have an appreciation of how the business will manage its staff

Your vision should provide the direction of travel for your digital strategy and allow you to share your ambition with those around you whose support you will need to deliver it. To do this and also to get buy-in at an early stage, consider:

  • Facilitating a ‘vision’ meeting with your senior managers and other stakeholders that you identify as being potentially key to its success
  • Seek advice and guidance on new technologies and working practices from experts, so ensuring you are not trying to recreate the wheel. Identify what excellent looks like. Dare I say it, but experienced consultants like 3C are ideally placed to help you with this.

Once this has all been thought through, create and publish your vision, confident that it is squarely aligned to business objectives and that it will receive support. You will then be ready to move to the next phase, implementation, which I have already covered within my 12 Golden Rules of Digital Business Transformation.