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Gartner Top Technology Trends for 2020

Gartner is one of the world's leading global research and advisory firms providing information, advice, and tools for leaders in IT, finance, HR, customer service and support, communications, legal and compliance, marketing, sales, and supply chain functions. Each year they release a list of the technology trends they expect to have maximum impact on us in the following year and a link to a summary of this year's top 10 can be found below.

It probably won't come as a surprise to know that the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks that once required humans, which they term Hyperautomation, comes top of this year's list. Hyperautomation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to increasingly automate processes and augment humans.

Many are concerned that such advances will lead to humans being replaced in the workplace, just as there were similar fears 30 years ago that the advent of computers and robotic production lines would lead to mass unemployment. This clearly has not proved to be the case, with current record levels of employment in the UK. Instead, experts see this as an opportunity for humans to be liberated from mundane tasks to fulfill higher-value roles. In the social housing sector, where we strive to maximise the value our services offer our communities, such tasks may include time to better identify customers that need our support; analysing information to constantly improve our services; ensuring the data we hold is accurate and compliant; spotting missed revenue opportunities and creating new revenue opportunities. Such tasks should be central to strategic goals in order to ensure our organisations flouring.       

Second on the list is 'Multiexperience', replacing the need for technology-literate people with people-literate technology. For our services to appeal to our customers, they should be as easy and effortless as possible so making them the preferred way of dealing with your organisation for a majority of tasks. Gartner recognises that those that are achieving this are preferred by their customers and therefore see a focus on this as another major trend for next year.

For the full Gartner top 10, please follow the link below. If you would like and further information on how such technologies could assist you and how they are currently being adopted by some within the social housing sector, please do not hesitate to contact us:   0333 900 3003    or


Gartner Top Technology Trends for 2020